About Three Words


A few years ago my son and I lost my step daughter and life partner abruptly.   I knew nothing about depression, mental health, suicide & suicide prevention at the time. 


A few months later in looking through my partner's phone I realized he had been reaching out to friends and family via text. Almost everyone he had reached out to had responded back at some point. Everyone had been nice and cordial, but no one had really made the attempt to meet with him or catch up with him on days when he wanted to meet up.  In hindsight I realized, three words of encouragement would have made such a big difference in his life on some of his dark days. 


  So I started making it a point to keep in touch with friends and people that matter all over the world via text or WhatsApp using three simple words.  Three words can also make a difference in the workplace.  We live in a digital world, three simple words as you walk by a co worker could make such a difference in someone's day.  Three words is all it takes to shift one’s energy sometimes.

- Vanessa

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Mental Health Facts

1 in 5 adults in America experience a mental illness

Nearly 1 in 25 (10 million) adults in America live with a serious mental illness

One-Half of all chronic mental illness begins by the age of 14; three-quarters by the afe of 24

Statistics provided by NAMI